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November 30, 2014 7:07 pm Published by

How Do You Pick Your Outdoor Décor?

Is designing your outdoor space the same as interior design? We rarely hear of “Exterior Designers” as a profession. However, at SNYDER AND ASSOCIATES we do have a landscape design team on staff that helps our homeowners move from dreams to reality.

Outdoor DecorWe know that the process is a little different than for inside the home. People are used to sitting on chairs, seeing through windows with or without blinds, and picking paint colors for the walls, and coverings for their floors. But how often do people re-do their yards? And how often do you put big things like swimming pools and spas in your yard? Even something like changing the planters to be water friendly, or putting in a lawn or taking one out becomes a huge design challenge! How does the homeowner know what looks good, but also how do they know what materials last longer or look better than others? The weather and changing light can affect how the elements look through different seasons.

Our design staff is excellent at working through clients’ questions, but we have some tips for people that are just starting.

7 Tips for Defining YOUR Outdoor Style

  • Look at the photos on our website! We have dozens of yards we’ve designed and installed, and you’re sure to find an idea you like from the many we have constructed.
  • Drive around your neighborhood. Take pictures of yards you like, and make a note of the address, so you can find it again later.
  • Drive around a “dream” neighborhood if you’d like to “step-up” your look. Or find the last six issues of Architectural Digest or Sunset Magazine, or go websites such as Houzz.com. SNYDER AND ASSOCIATES can build just about anything.
  • Keep an eye out for Open House signs. Look at their back yards to see what materials they used for the swimming pool and spa, the pool decking, the tile, the masonry, walkways and landscape features. Take notes or you’ll forget after seeing lots of yards.
  • Talk to our landscape designers, and look at any photos they have of other projects we’ve done. There are tons.
  • Talk to an interior designer! According to Betsy Thompson, owner of ET Design West in Seal Beach, California, “The outdoor spaces should complement the style of the home. Also, consider the paint color of your house before you revamp the whole backyard. You might consider re-painting the house first or at least choosing the outdoor color palette so it will coordinate with the landscape and new materials.”
  • Visit supply stores for the materials you are considering. We often take our clients to see swimming pool tiles and plastering materials, and to look at granite pieces, paver colors, and wood or stone retaining walls.

There are probably as many choices for the homeowner for the outside as there are for the inside when re-designing a living space. We want you to be ecstatic, and you can see from our testimonials that our customers are happy, and our designs beautiful. We will try to give you the most bang for your buck. With our designers’ help, you can have a cohesive, beautiful garden beyond your wildest dreams. But it’s best to make sure you have done your share of research. You’ll be glad you did, and it helps us immensely to know what YOU like.

SNYDER AND ASSOCIATES is a design/build firm that handles everything from design conception through installation and complete renovations. We’re a licensed, insured, award-
winning company that has helped our clients enjoy their outdoors for over 25 years.

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